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Krystal Cantu 


"no excuses" = the great able-bodied circle jerk.

speaking of jerk, if she didn’t have either arms she wouldn’t be able to clean and jerk (or whatever that is, excuse me). is that an excuse?

yeah, some disabled people don’t have excuses. instead, they have VALID REASONS for being unable to do certain things.

what do you call a disabled person who can’t lift 135lbs over their head with one arm? what do you call an ordinary person who can’t lift 135lbs over their head with one arm? lazy? not trying hard enough? physical ability is not the only measure of a person.

on the other side of the coin, i do find this awe-inspiring due to her sheer strength. go ahead and be motivated or inspired start lifting — that’s fine. but “no excuses” is a quick way to say you don’t give a shit about millions of people.

Pretty sure “no excuses” was directed toward able bodied people who are capable of eventually doing this with hard work and determination. But continue being overly sensitive and emotional for no reason on your high horse. You’re not educating anyone as much as you are whining about your feelings gettin hurt

omg my feelings pls :’(

Yeah because if a disabled person can do it any able bodied person can do it right? Because disabled people are enough weaker that they serve as manageable inspiration because if they can do it you can. It’s not like they train to do these things for years, or they’re athletes at the peaks of their careers, they’re just disabled people so if they can do it you can.


"no excuses" is just shorthand for "disabled people are weak and incapable of anything so if if a DISABLED person can do it so can you!!"

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